Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy | Republic Act No. 10173 of the Philippines

All privacy policies are enumerated in this link for your reference:

Also, while RA 10173 specifically provides our basic rights to privacy, lest we forget, once we signed up for, all personal information could potentially and willfully be shared, exposed to other brethren, appendant members of the Grand Lodge of the Philippines as well as with other masonic jurisdictions.

As a reminder, disclosure of personal information was explicitly provided when we signed up for the petition forms; while this is a Lodge and Masonic Legal matters, it is impliedly and expressly providing an avenue of one's decision to divulge personal information.

Once, you sign-up with, you expressly divest yourself all privacy claims and rights, hereof. If you do not agree, please do not sign-up.

All possible conflicts of any violation of personal information are waived once you sign-up, subject to Edict No.82-F MW Paulino, if needed.

No information shall be used by any means or data use by any third party for commercial purposes. We are, however, using Google Analytics for Keytah use only.