About Keytah
Keytah (beta version) is a Social Media Platform for all; complimentary and in harmony of all existing social media sites.


An Awesome Welcome to Keytah (beta version)!

Keytah is a coined word derived from the Malay Visayan dialect “Kita” which means “We”. It is an interconnection of all thoughts that evolved from a single spark of an idea. We, collectively, are (as the usual and common saying goes) “One”, we are all part of a single entity, regardless of our race, color, country, creed, religion or belief. Keytah offers a common ground for all, in all and for all. We will build and create Keytah communities based on what is common in a difference. We will merge all differences in a common ground of who can best agree and best work in building better communities for better societies. Our world is too small for polarization and differences but infinite in building and creating a better future free from competition, hatred, pain and suffering. Our “About” section will be short for now, as it will be a continuous and growing process….This is your community, KEYTAH. You are now part of our growing community.

Our beta version is limited in terms of storage capacity. You may use other storage tools like youtube for your videos, or google drive for your document storage, or from your other social networking accounts like FB, Instagram, or LinkedIn, all you need is the url link of the files and you can have it in your Keytah page. Enjoy and Live Life with true purpose!